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Recognising the need for quality financial advice to help investors make sense of it all, in 2000 I became a financial adviser as a way of providing the building blocks so that basic financial dreams could become a reality for ordinary people.


I am pursuing my calling. What I am doing fully engages me and has meaning because I am helping other people to get what they want.


It’s my passion for helping people reach their full potential that really sets me apart, and is what underlines everything I do today.


My guiding principle remains the same: helping people lead better lives.


In my opinion the key to great wealth management services includes

  • Have an adviser who is there for the long term, one person who looks after you, who understands your circumstances and needs
  • Have an answer that helps you pursue your goals with excellent advice, services and products
  • To have an adviser who can provide the quality advice and products tailored to your individual circumstances.


Where will you be in 10 years? Most people want to think that they will be either financially free or well on the path to financial freedom. The reality is few actually make it.


My purpose is to help people become financially free. There are many different definitions; I like the one from Robert T. Kioyosaki from Rich Dad Poor Dad as being when your passive income is greater than your expenses.


Think about it, if you want a passive income of $100,000, how big an asset do you need? Well don’t wrack your brains too much, to get an income of $100,000 you will need an asset as big as $2,000,000 earning your 5% per annum. There are only 120 months in 10 years, so to achieve an asset of $2,000,000 you will need to put away $16,666.67 every month (this does not take into account interest or capital gains you might or might not earn).  The question now becomes, how do you achieve this?


I have made it my mission to help one thousand people become financially free. If you feel that is you, then I would love to hear from you. Contact us for an obligation free financial health check up.


Paul Woodward

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