Not all life insurance is the same


The first thing you need to know is that you might already have life insurance, are paying for it and you don’t know about it. So if anything ever happens to you, if you don’t know about your life insurance, how will your loved ones ever find out?


Life insurance is all about managing risk, for both you and for the insurance company.


The main reason for having life insurance is for you loved ones to get a lump sum payment should something happen to you.


When it comes to life insurance, not all life insurance is the same. There are some life insurances where you can get it with answering minimal questions. The problem with this is that the insurance company doesn’t know much about you and your state of health. As such, the risk is higher and the insurance company will factor this in as higher payments.


Also, these companies mitigate their risk by adding conditions that you might not be aware of. For instance you may not covered for:


- Pre-Existing Medical Conditions unless it can be proved to our satisfaction that you have been Free of the Condition for the five years following the Cover Commencement Date, reinstatement or an increase in Cover you apply for. 


- Suicide and Intentional self- injury during the first five years following the Cover Commencement Date, reinstatement or any increase in Cover you apply for.


- A Dangerous Occupation or Dangerous Pastime at any time following the Cover Commencement Date,


- Participation in any criminal activity at any time


- A Known Genetic Condition.


In other words, you might be paying for life insurance that will not cover you as per your expectations.


Terminal Illness - Find out what happens to your life insurance policy if you are terminally ill.


Suicide - Can you commit suicide and still get your life insurance payout?


Working with a financial adviser to answer the important questions needed by an insurance provider will all but guarantee your premiums are lower, so long as you are in good health.


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