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Why Estate Planning

Estate planning is the management of affairs to ensure all personal assets accumulated throughout a lifetime (known as the estate), are distributed to those people who the deceased would like the benefit from those assets (beneficiaries)


Estate Planning includes

  • Planning elements of an estate
  • Documentation of the wishes of a person for the distribution of all assets under control of that person following their death
  • Distributions of those assets


Estate planning is designed to ensure smooth transition of assets and business operations after someone dies. It involves all the assets a client owns or controls. It also provides for any flow on effects for example, where the deceased was a guarantor for a loan.


Effective wealth distribution can be achieved with the assistance of a variety of professionals such as

  • Solicitors: to create wills
  • Insurance Advisers: to address funding issues
  • Accountants: to focus on consequential tax issues.


Effective estate planning protects assets from any legal proceedings which may involve beneficiaries such as

  • Bankruptcy
  • Divorce

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